2024 NBA Mock Draft: Who Do The Hawks Take With The No. 1 Pick In B/R's Latest Mock Draft? (2024)

We are less than four weeks away from the 2024 NBA Draft and after winning the Draft Lottery for the first time in franchise history, the Atlanta Hawks are going to be setting the tone for how round one is going to go. After Atlanta won the lottery, Alex Sarr became the favorite to be selected with the No. 1 pick and he still remains so today. Over the past couple of weeks though, there has been considerable buzz about French wing player Zaccharie Risacher. In the latest mock draft from Bleacher Report's Jonathan Wasserman, he has the Hawks selecting Risacher, something he has done for two straight mock drafts.

May 21 Mock Draft Spot: No. 1

Team: JL Bourg-en-Bresse

Position: SG/SF

Size: 6'8", 204 lbs

Age/Year: 19

Nationality: French

Pro Comparison: Harrison Barnes

"Every Zaccharie Risacher playoff possession right now is likely monitored under the microscope of the Atlanta Hawks and other lottery teams. And he just delivered consecutive standout performances with a combined 39 points and five threes against AS Monaco.

He's still scoring on mostly the same shot diet and effective one-two punch of off-ball shotmaking and athleticism in transition. It hints at a very translatable, plug-and-play game, particularly for a lineup like Atlanta's that already has two creators in Trae Young and Dejounte Murray.

Alex Sarr may offer more theoretical upside with his defensive versatility and face-up flashes at 7'1". Donovan Clingan could come off as more of an impact presence with his rim protection.

While scouts continue to debate the height of Risacher's ceiling, there is also a perceived level of certainty tied to his positional size, shooting and defensive tools/quickness. In a draft where there isn't an obvious, sure-thing All-Star at the top, Risacher's floor and valued three-and-D archetype could give him an edge with a team that saw AJ Griffin struggle with injuries and Saddiq Bey go down late to an ACL tear."

Risacher has performed well over the past couple of weeks and is certainly in contention for the No. 1 pick. I think that Sarr has a higher ceiling and would help the Hawks more on that end, but his offensive game is not a sure thing and Risacher might be a safer prospect, though one with a lower ceiling.

According to ESPN's Jonathan Givony, Risacher is firmly in the mix to go No. 1:

"Risacher's Bourg team advanced to the French playoff semifinals, where they'll face No. 1 seed Monaco, a top-level Euroleague team that should provide a staunch challenge. Risacher had a career-best 28-point outing in Game 2 of the quarterfinals, putting his talent as a dynamic 6-10 shot-maker and versatile defender with an elite feel for the game on full display.

Risacher is in a group of prospects firmly in the mix for the Atlanta Hawks at No. 1, sources say, and likely won't have to wait long to hear his name called as he's in consideration for every team picking in the top 5. Risacher is slated to attend the NBA Global Camp in Treviso, Italy starting June 4 where he'll go through combine-style testing, drills, interviews and medical examinations; though that might not materialize if Bourg advances to the finals. Risacher is expected to be selective with his pre-draft visits among NBA suitors once he finally does make his way to the States."

Givony alsowrotethat Clingan "Has Fans among the Hawks' constituency at No. 1":

"Clingan has momentum going into June, as he made a strong impression in the drills portion of the combine, private interviews and his pro day, where he dropped intriguing glimpses of perimeter shooting that many scouts feel will be part of his game in the not-too-distant future. His measurements -- 7-3 in shoes, 282 pounds with a 7-7 wingspan and outrageous 9-7 standing reach are elite (as we already knew).

The draft lottery did not do him too many favors, though, slating teams with entrenched starters at the center position at Nos. 3, 4 and 5, which might drop him a little further than his big-board ranking indicates. It would not be surprising to see teams such as the Portland Trail Blazers or the Memphis Grizzlies try to move up on draft night to snag their starting center of the future. There is some chatter, however, that Clingan has fans among the Hawks' constituency at No. 1, meaning there's a lot left to be played out between now and June 26"

With less than four weeks to go, it seems that the Hawks have zeroed in on a handful of prospects (Sarr, Risacher, and Clingan) and are more than likely going to take one of them. The Hawks front office needs to nail this selection to help reshape this roster and get the Hawks back into playoff contention in the Eastern Conference.

2024 NBA Mock Draft: Who Do The Hawks Take With The No. 1 Pick In B/R's Latest Mock Draft? (2024)
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